Allan M. Tepper, J.D., Psy.D.

Attorney at Law 
Licensed Psychologist
        Allan Tepper is an attorney and a licensed psychologist in private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Tepper is unique in that he maintains an active law and psychology practice in which he integrates his trial and clinical experience. 

 As an attorney, Dr. Tepper represents individuals in licensing board  and disciplinary proceedings. He provides legal consultation to mental health professionals experiencing ethical and legal practice concerns.

 As a psychologist, Dr. Tepper specializes in forensic psychology.  He conducts psychological  assessments in civil, malpractice, and criminal cases.  He serves as an expert witness, rendering incourt expert testimony in state and federal matters.

 Dr. Tepper is an expert in the area of mental health ethics.  He publishes frequently in the overlap area of law and psychology, and he conducts training in ethics and law for mental health professionals throughout the United States.


Contact Information:

 Allan M. Tepper, J.D., Psy.D.        
             123 South Broad Street
             Suite 2500
             Philadelphia, PA 19109
             215-735-1551 (o)
             215-735-1660 (f)
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