Allan M. Tepper, J.D., Psy.D.

Attorney at Law 
Licensed Psychologist

Ethics Education

Allan Tepper is an accomplished ethics educator.  He is the co-author of Pennsylvania Law, Ethics, and Psychology (5th Edition), as well as the author of numerous articles addressing law and psychology issues. He is the recipient of the 2010 Pennsylvania Psychology Association Ethics Educators Award; the 2009 Pennsylvania Psychological Association Distinguished Sevice Award; and the 2009 Immaculata University Sr. Kathleen Mary Burns Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Field of Psychology.

Dr. Tepper is the administrator of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association Legal Consultation Plan.  This plan provides prepaid legal consultation services to mental health professionals experiencing ethical and legal dilemmas.

Dr. Tepper conducts continuing education courses in ethics and law for mental health professionals throughout the United States.  A unique element of this training is that each course is practical and state specific in nature. 

                These courses do not consist of a generic presentation of ethical principles.  Rather, through the use of detailed handout materials, coupled with an interactive discussion, each course addresses the laws, rules, and regulations specific to the mental health practice in that particular state.

Dr. Tepper is available to conduct continuing education seminars for public and private institutions.  Depending upon the needs of the organization, these seminars can be tailored to address specific ethical topics and concerns.
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