Allan M. Tepper, J.D., Psy.D.

Attorney at Law 
Licensed Psychologist
Professional License Defense
               Allan Tepper is an accomplished trial attorney.  Over the years, Dr. Tepper has represented individuals in state and federal court.  These cases have involved civil and criminal matters consisting of judge and jury trials.

Presently, Dr. Tepper specializes in representing mental health and medical professionals in licensing board proceedings
.  Professional license defense falls within the area of administrative law, a legal arena that requires a combination of trial and negotiation skills.  

Given his training and experience, Dr. Tepper is uniquely qualified to advocate for professionals who are the subject of a licensing board complaint.  He possesses a working knowledge of clinical practice. He understands the procedures associated with the filing of a licensing board complaint, and he is able to interpret the rules, regulations, and ethical codes associated with licensing board complaints.  He is experienced in interacting with licensing board investigators and prosecuting attorneys.  If a formal administrative hearing is required, he is able to draw upon his years of trial experience during the preparation and litigation of the case.

Dr. Tepper also provides legal consultation to mental health professionals regarding practice concerns.  These practice concerns include such issues as risk management; treatment of children; high risk divorce families; record keeping practices; duty to warn situations; and billing and insurance reimbursement procedures.
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